Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is wrong with my blog???

I have no idea what has happened to my blog, I have tried to fix it, but nothing is working. I will have to get a computer genius (Jess!) to help me. is a dreary rainy day today and I have managed to spend the whole day sewing. I started out sewing the "custom" curtains/blinds for our boat. All of the windows are wierd shapes, so I had to make a pattern for each individual pain in the a**! It got boring after a couple of hours so I decided to try this Amy Butler pattern I bought the other day. I have never done a zipper before so this is my first turned out OK, not perfect but pretty good. Now I have yet another useless bag...But it was fun to make!

Pictures of the curtain/blinds to follow once they are installed!


Jessica said...

Sorry! I haven't been checking blogs for a while, just too busy :(

I think it might be your blog background. Try removing that widget. My next guess would be the slideshow widget. Try removing that one next.

You can back-up your blog before you remove them, or just copy and save the text in the widgets if you want.

an encourager said...

cute bag!