Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Witch is in.....

This project turned out to be a lot harder that I anticipated! I appliqued all of the pieces on, but the stitching around those bats and letters was enough to drive me crazy! A lot of stitches were pulled out in this project, and re-done...I used some red jewel like buttons for the witches shoes to add some bling. I also have some spider buttons to sew on but forgot to do that before I took the pic. The backing fabric is black and white skeleton heads....I just quilted as I did the stitching around each piece.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Figgy Pudding....

by Basic Gray is the name of most of the fabrics I picked for this project. I finally got it finished (started it at this time last year!) It took me awhile to hand stitch the binding on, but I love it!
Stay tuned for a matching table runner I am working on....let's hope it is done before Christmas this year!

Christmas Stamp-a-Stack

I had a stamp-a-stack for a friend of mine from work at her house, with 5 of her friends. It went well, they were scrapbookers giving card making a try. I kept the cards fairly simple, as we did 3 of each design for a total of 15.. I love the new Merry Christmas post card stamp (the 4th card from the left. Lot's of shimmer spray and glitter, which the picture doesn't capture to well!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hoot n' Annie

Meet Annie....Hoot is not done yet! I was playing with a product that is new to me...texture magic....the second picture shows the "texture". I quilted diamond shape lines on the texture magic and the snail fabric, then steamed with the iron and that cool crinkled look is what I got!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special bag

I have a friend who's son has a very special stuffed football. It was recently lost and was very upsetting for all involved for 2 days until he was found! I decided to make a special bag for football to stay in, and be transported in.

Super easy-I just serged the edges, then sewed a seam along the 2 open edges, and folded it down at the top to be able to put a string through it.

Cake anyone??!

We recently held a hockey themed baby shower for a friend from work and this is the "diaper cake" that I made. It also had a hockey themed edible cake to match, but I ordered that from IGA!!
I bought some mini-hockey sticks from Costco to put in the middle, and used my bigshot to cut out the letters and the the stars. To hold all of the diaper layers together I wrapped black cardstock and then tied the blue ribbon around the cardstock. (the diaper layers already had an elastic band holding the diapers in place)
I didn't want to have a bunch of things hanging off of the cake (baby toys etc), I like that it is quite simple.