Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday 6x6 Scrapbook

My little guy was very sick on Christmas Day, and was asleep for most of it.....what to do?? I decided to make a mini scrapbook for my 2 nephews to document our trip up Grouse Mountain a few days before. It is pretty simple (remember it was spur of the moment-had to be done by the time we left for dinner at 3!!)
I used a lot of leftovers from a Christmas Simply Scrappin' Kit (SU) fome last year, plus current DSP and punches.


Jessica said...

I can't believe you finished it that quickly. I still haven't finished the one from the Clipper St. class, and haven't added photos to the one we did at your place. Oops?

care_bear said...

You're funny!! put some pictures in those books!!
The only reason it got done so g
fast was because it was Christmas Day, and a very sick boy who slept all I wanted to take it to dinner for my nephew's (last minute idea, nothing like a little pressure!)